Fabulous ‘Four-Eyes’: Check Your Options at a Greenpoint Optical Store

Eyeglasses are simply the most convenient corrective option. Contact lenses may lack the bulk of eyeglasses, but they need to be put on and taken off with great care. Additionally, people no longer need to be embarrassed about wearing spectacles. Nowadays, one can find the trendiest prescription glasses in several places, including in a renowned Greenpoint optical store like Optical Warehouse of Greenpoint. Users only have to concern themselves with finding the right eyeglass shape to wear.

Fashion experts believe that eyeglasses need to complement the shape of the person’s face in order to look fabulous. People who have an inverted-triangle shape, i.e. a broad forehead and a “sharp” chin, can wear boxy eyeglasses to maintain facial symmetry. Meanwhile, those with round faces can wear anything except curvy or round eyeglasses, as they put too much emphasis on their wearers’ face shape. On the other hand, people with an oval-shaped face can wear virtually anything.