Greenpoint Optical Store Offers Discount on Eyewear for the Seniors

Everyone knows that senior citizens experience poor or failing eyesight, making it hard for them to perform their daily tasks, such as walking around Brooklyn or taking a cab to the park. Thankfully, there are avenues where senior citizens could get help, and an online optical store in Greenpoint, such as Optical Warehouse of Greenpoint, is one of them.

We offer every kind of reliable eyewear, including prescription eyeglasses, and designer and prescription sunglasses. We also carry excellent brands like Ray-Ban, Paul Smith, Persol and Tiffany & Co. What’s more, we are offering a 20% discount on all eyewear for senior citizens from May 15 to June 20, 2014!


How a Greenpoint Eye Doctor Can Help Relieve Computer Vision Syndrome

A modern workday entails sitting in front of a desk all day while staring straight in the computer screen, as well as phone and tablet displays. However, too much screen time and exposure to glare can cause eye tension, which often result to computer vision syndrome (CVS). In fact, over 10 million visits to the eye doctor are made annually because of this condition.

Maintain your vision by routinely visiting a reliable eye doctor in Greenpoint for comprehensive eye exams so you know that your prescription is right. Checkups also include testing for focusing problems, alignment issues, and glaucoma, among others. When left uncorrected, vision problems like astigmatism or myopia can only add to the tension on your eyes.

Look to your Greenpoint Eye Doctor for some Stylish Spring Eyewear

Some people treat sunglasses as mere fashion accessories, yet more sensible ones are right to turn to a reliable Greenpoint eye doctor for stylish and functional designer sunglasses that preserve eye health.

So, why exactly should you get your glasses from an eye doctor? Well, for one, your doctor can recommend the kind of eyewear that not only fits you perfectly but also effectively filters harmful UV rays that lead to eye ailments like macular degeneration and cataracts. If you’re getting prescription glasses, our specialists at Optical Warehouse of Greenpoint can also give you some helpful eye care advice!

If, however, you simply want a nice new pair of designer sunglasses to take on the springtime sun, then we have just the deal for you! From April 15, 2014 to June 5, 2014 we are offering brand new sunglasses at a 30% discount! Take advantage of this opportunity to score yourself some cool shades from brands like Ray-Ban, Persol, Paul Smith, or Emporio Armani.

Greenpoint Eye Doctor: The Right Prescription for Specialty Eyeglasses

“Those who are already wearing eye glasses to correct a vision problem may notice that they are still having some difficulty in seeing clearly when in different situations, such as those mentioned above. These people will do well to consult with a trusted Greenpoint eye doctor to find out if they have other vision problems.

The development of specialty glasses is one of the newer ways of helping the eyes adapt to different situations. In the past, many of those who had more than one vision problem preferred one size fits all glasses. However, this type of glasses can be inconvenient to use, and may not give adequate support for the user. Specialty glasses can provide one with the right corrective lenses for a specific activity.”

Fabulous ‘Four-Eyes’: Check Your Options at a Greenpoint Optical Store

Eyeglasses are simply the most convenient corrective option. Contact lenses may lack the bulk of eyeglasses, but they need to be put on and taken off with great care. Additionally, people no longer need to be embarrassed about wearing spectacles. Nowadays, one can find the trendiest prescription glasses in several places, including in a renowned Greenpoint optical store like Optical Warehouse of Greenpoint. Users only have to concern themselves with finding the right eyeglass shape to wear.

Fashion experts believe that eyeglasses need to complement the shape of the person’s face in order to look fabulous. People who have an inverted-triangle shape, i.e. a broad forehead and a “sharp” chin, can wear boxy eyeglasses to maintain facial symmetry. Meanwhile, those with round faces can wear anything except curvy or round eyeglasses, as they put too much emphasis on their wearers’ face shape. On the other hand, people with an oval-shaped face can wear virtually anything.